The Victorian Bed and Breakfast - Sioux Falls, South Dakota Bed and Breakfast in the Historic District

Our Rooms

Gwendolyn June Chambers

This, the largest of our rooms was named after the decorators mother. Following the mother and child theme, one finds old photos and portraits of mothers and their children as well as original antique clothing from both. A warm, romantic, and rich room. Burgundies and gold are the accent colors. Sit back and let this room wrap its motherly arms around your spirit. You will leave with the comforting sense of care and love..... like only a mother can give. This room has a shower in it and a queen sized bed.

Jodi Marie Chambers

If you love the brightness and cheer of the southern light in your room...this is the one for you. Named for the decorators sister and best friend. Unique, and whimsical. It captures the charm and love which makes a sister bond so one of a kind. Bouquets of pink roses, spring green accents, combined with the warm sunlight makes one feel as if its spring and summer time year round. A feeling of having your beloved sister right there with you. You will start your day off feeling cheerful and full of calming energy. This room has an oversized clawfoot tub...great for two! A queen sized bed.

Julie Anne Chambers

Bold and charming come to mind when you step into this bright red room. Named for the decorators other sister and friend, who is vibrant and carefree, yet has a child like shyness. This room has a view of the Pettigrew home and museum which is next door. Red and white toile is the theme for this room. A playful, bold room..yet reminiscent of a quiet lazy day in the country. In the spring and summer months, the northern breeze is likely to take advantage of a chance to dance around the room for you. The lilacs are just a breath away. This room has a queen sized bed and a combination shower/tub.

The June Delynn